A Mum In Sparkly Armour Goes Camping

We kicked off the October half term fun with a trip to @readycampuk in Verwood!

On our arrival at about 7:30pm we were greeted by a really friendly lady who showed us to our tent. The kids were so excited of what they could just about see over all the duvets, pillows and blankets!

Now our first night was a chilly one. The girls slept like a couple of logs (probably because they had the heater in their room).

I however slept in my pyjamas, a hoodie, woolly socks, a dressing gown, had two hot water bottles and a blanket!

So after a pants nights kip we woke around 5:45am and watched the sunrise, it now all seemed so worth it!

For our first full day we headed to Mudeford Quay which is about 30 minutes from Verwood and well known for it’s good location for crabbing. I was about to relive my youth!

The beach was beautiful. We managed to catch lots of crabs, had yummy food from the beachfront cafe. The girls played on the beach and in the park whilst the sun shone for the entire day!

The second night we were determined to be more prepared for the nippy night ahead. We all snuggled in the same room with the heater and zipped us in the room. All was good and we were catching some Zzz’s until our eldest decided to vomit. Roll on that sunrise…

Day 2 we made the trip to Longdown Activity Farm. Again about a 30 minute trip from where we were staying. This was by far the best Farm we had been to! The girls got to hold chicks, feed kid goats, collect eggs, stroke (massive) rabbits and that was all on top of going on a tractor ride, go karts, trampolines, hay bales, playing in the park, crazy golf, soft play area and so much more! It’s safe to say there was enough to do and see there, all for just £32 for a family of four…on a Sunday…in the half term?! Oh and there’s a farm shop👌🏼

After our busy day at the farm we stopped off for a yummy Sunday dinner at a pub called The Happy Cheese, then headed home for marshmallows and melted chocolate.

Our third night was looking so so promising! I knew I would be warm and both children were feeling fine. All was going well until we were woken up at about 11pm by what felt/sounded like a hurricane outside. Now I don’t cope well with wind from the inside of my house let alone when I’m in a canvas tent! Needless to say we got SOME sleep and that last sunrise was a beaut one.

The girls loved every moment of camping. There was a park on site and so much open space for them to run around. They also thoroughly enjoyed taking the dishes to wash up! The site itself was very safe and secure. The communal toilets and shower rooms were so clean and warm!

The canvas tents have got all the essentials you need and were also spotless on arrival.

We will most definitely be back…but perhaps in the warmer months!

Claire x

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