A Woman With Serious Sparkle!

crown laughStyling the beautiful Sally from @womenwithsparkle

Sally and I have been following one another for a while on Instagram and both love each others styles. Back in August, Sally approached me to style her for her book cover. As you can imagine I was so excited to number one, meet Sally, and number two, to dive head first into her sparkling wardrobe! I met Sally at her home and after a cuppa and a chat, it wasn’t long before we were both knee deep in sparkles, tutu skirts and sequins. She had the most gorgeous pieces and was an absolute dream to style!

The aim for our styling session was to find two-three outfits that could be used for the book cover. We needed looks that were going to showcase confidence, style, and that would appeal to all age groups. Sparkly props, shoes and accessories were available to link in with the main idea.

A couple of hours flew by and before I knew it we had plenty of choices! One of my favourites is the full length tutu skirt and slogan tee. The red colour looks stunning on Sally and the ‘Always Fabulous’ tee fits with the theme of her book.

Sally is a women’s holistic nutritionist and life coach, also best known as a ‘sparkle coach!’. Her aim is to encourage ladies to ‘feel less crappy and more sparkly!’.

Keep an eye out for her book ‘Get Your Sparkle Back!’ launching the end of October 2018.

Follow Sally @womenwithsparkle

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